Infrastructure To Power Smart Metering

Emita's solutions provides utilities and organizations with tools for sustainable management of resources,
unlocking the true value of efficiency.

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Our Partners

We work with the best brands in the world to make sure that our products are of utmost quality.


Proprietary ERP

Our enterprise resource planning software helps our clients to manage their business, supporting automation and processes in finance, human resource and much more.

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The implementation behind most of Emita's solutions is designed with universality in mind. Our software solutions integrates with many smart devices, communicating with different protocols.

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Flexibility in Mind

In the era of digital transformation, utilities providing essential services have been neglected. Our solutions integrates with utilities of diverse sizes, cultures and processes.

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Proprietary AI Models

Our proprietary AI models are capable of detecting anomalies, mitigating risks and losses that could lead to financial losses and disasters. Our models leverages your enterprise data, unlocking the true value of AI.

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Take Your Resource Management To The Next Level

Get in touch with us today and learn how our solutions can take your enterprise or utility to the next level.

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Our Approaches

Our work to create robust and efficient sustainable solutions requires a deep understanding of the
potential risks and benefits, as well as careful consideration of the impact.


We build detailed models of organization's processes and develop mathematical techniques to invert these in order to recover the quantities of interest.

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We use probabilistic models to quantify the prior likelihood of the unknowns, then infer the best possible estimates of the desired quantities and analyze their resulting uncertainties.

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We develop techniques that are simple to describe and implement but that are also known to work well in practice. We test these techniques to understand their limitation and failure modes, as well as the expected computational costs.

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We collect a representative set of test data and use these data to either tune or learn our models, or at least to validate and quantify its performance.

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Innovation at the Heart of Water Management

Explore Emita's commitment to cutting-edge technology in water management. We leverage state-of-the-art solutions, including smart metering, spectral analysis, and comprehensive data analytics. Learn how our technological prowess is reshaping the landscape of water utility services.



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